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Nicole Ku for Simma Stories

Simma Stories | Nicole Ku

September 22, 2016

Nicole Ku lives in Auckland and runs fashion and lifestyle blog Nicrific.
She is known for her bold, often monochromatic style of photography. 

How do you express yourself?
Photos, they speak a thousand words.
What is your first creative memory?
My first creative memory was going out into the world and shooting my friends with a low megapixel Sony phone camera.
What inspires you?
Definitely the people around me. Those who hold their own, those who don't take opportunities for granted and who aspire to be more no matter how hard things seem or how successful they've become.
Where is your favourite place to swim?
Rooftop pools and shallow ocean waters
Best summer read?
Vogue On: Coco Chanel by Bronwyn Cosgrave
What are you the most proud of?
I'm most proud of the skills I've self-taught during spare times that could have been wasted.
Do you remember your first swimsuit?
I don't remember my first ever swimsuit, though the one I do remember distinctively from a young age was a navy classic one-piece much like the Supreme Full Piece - I've always been a lover of classic shapes, always leaning towards the less is more.
Where are you happiest?
Surrounded by ones I love no matter where I am; full of passion, ambition, humour, and loyalty.
What is going to be on your summer playlist?
Music from the BBC Live Lounge playlists on Spotify - Something raw, something you can dance to.

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